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Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question...                  ..."Yes" is the answer.

 Dancers' agency Eurostrip (Mandre BMS OÜ) announces a contest to find the 5 best male strippers from Estonia and Latvia. The winners of the contest will be offered a well-paid opportunity to perform on the International Women's Day on March the 8th in the best erotic theatre in Greece - in Kinky Opera. For the Women's Day Kinky Opera in Athens and Eurostrip organize a special nonstop showprogram 23:00-07:00 what is dedicated only to ladies. Only men perform on stage that night. Over 300 female visitors are expected. In addition to show on stage male strippers are also doing consumation and perform private dances. The winners of the contest will be provided free round trip flight tickets and free accommodation in Athens, they will be paid a fair salary for their shows and also they will have a chance to earn well with consumation and private dances. Sexy looking and charming candidates with good communication, moving and performing skills are expected. It is not important what dance or show style will be performed by the candidate. Different arts and styles are expected - for example pole-dance, showdance, breakdance, acrobatics, fire-show, sword-show, eastern martial arts show, etc.. The target of the contest is to put together a diverse program of solo and group shows. Candidate must have at least 3 shows, each 5-12 minutes, also own costumes and accessories.

To participate a candidate has to send latest on February the 17th by email to his name, contact data, photos and videolink (if possible), also age, height, weight and info about earlier experience with shows. The best candidates will be invited to Eurostrip studio for casting.

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