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Feelings and relationships

Sex of any kind is linked to powerful emotions. Anyone contemplating group sex should also consider the risks to their feelings and relationships.

Although the prospect of a group sex session may well be exciting for some, the reality can be difficult to cope with.

Even if they agree and are willing to take part, partners can become upset at the thought or sight of the person they love having sex with someone else.

Afterwards, people can feel guilty, confused and vulnerable.

 Couples who pursue group sex as a means of 'spicing up' their sex lives may well find that it damages their relationship beyond repair. No kind of sex can be a substitute for good communication.

Meanwhile, it can be very difficult to know ahead of time that everyone involved in group sex session will treat each other with respect and that they are taking part of their own free will.

Reducing the risks from group sex

The risks to physical health from group sex can be reduced if:

* group sizes are kept as small as possible
* everyone agrees to practise safer sex techniques
* everyone gets tested for STIs

The health risks can be further reduced if everyone leaves a gap of several months between group sex sessions in order that any STIs that have been passed on will have a chance to show up in tests.

It's also a good idea to maintain some method of contacting others involved in group sessions so that everyone can be alerted should someone find out they may have passed on an STI.

The risks to relationships and feelings can be reduced if:

* everyone talks through what will happen beforehand
* clear ground rules are set out as to acceptable behaviour
* partners are clear that both feel it's okay to do this


Sexual Health Scotland

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