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If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
A still taboo subject

 Formerly condemned, masturbation is accepted as a natural practice today. Nevertheless, one still doesn't speak about it freely. 42% of women admit to masturbating, while more than 90% of men do.

In fact, the sense of guilt is more important for women : they refrain more from this activity and admit it less easily also. During childhood, the repressive attitude of certain parents can engender later a sense of guilt. Furthermore, for women, the fantasies connected to masturbation (old fantasies, going back up to early childhood) are much stronger. They thus feel guiltier in adulthood if they continue to masturbate while they have a well fulfilled sexual life.

The successful ideas

Masturbation isn't dirty, shameful, or dangerous for the health. Nevertheless, "Onanism" was considered for a long time to be a badhabit.

Centuries of miseducation and prejudice helped to make this pleasure into a cause of guilt. The modern translation of the word keeps the negative image alive : to masturbate comes from the association of two Latin words, manus (hand) and stuprare (soil, make dirty). No, masturbation will not make you stutter, won't make you deaf or blind, nor a madman or epileptic. It doesn't cause acne, doesn't make you lose your virginity, nor does it kill either. It CAN be a sign of an emotional problem if it becomes compulsive. Men may feel reassured that they don't risk becoming impotent or sterile by masturbating. They don't use up their sperm cells by "wasteful" ejaculations. Certainly, if a man ejaculates several timesin a few hours, there'll be fewer sperm in the later ejaculations, but it's only temporary. Testicles make millions of sperm cells every day (those that aren't expelled by ejaculation are decomposed when they get old and then are recycled inside the testicles).
Finally, masturbation doesn't reduce (nor increase) the size of the penis or clitoris!
As a matter of fact, masturbation is a normal and beneficial practice for the sexual blooming of each person.



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