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Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question...                  ..."Yes" is the answer.

I have enjoyed anal sex with about 20 guys now. By using lots of lube and following my "3 finger" rule (no cocks enter before at least three fingers have opened the back door), I have not had any pain. If I did, the session would be over, pain is a signal after all. Now my current boyfriend has agreed to my suggestion that he fist me. I told him that I will be calling each step.

 My plan is simple. You know those Russian dolls inside of dolls? I will do the reverse of that with dildos: start with a very small one, then work my way up, all the way to the tennis can size. I'd like my virgin fisting to happen at a party with a few other guys watching, that is part of my fantasy. They will probably be in the mood for sex, and I'll be blissed out and certainly open enough for them. My question is: do some people with the stamina go for anal sex after fisting?

-Ready To Make The Leap

I love your idea of the "3 finger" rule, very smart! It sounds like you've got a good plan for your first fisting. I appreciate that you'll be calling the shots and using toys that graduate in size to warm up. Make sure to use plenty of lube, and don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen the first time around; you've got to respect your ass and go at its pace.

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