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Monique Covet

Birthdate: July 14, 1976 (1976-07-14) (age 31)
Birth location: Budapest, Hungary
Measurements: 32B-22-34
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Eye color: Hazel Green
Hair color: Blonde
Skin color: White
Natural breasts: No
Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Magyar
Alias(es): Monica Cairns, Monique Covee, Monique Covet, Monique Covét, Monica, Monika Spermalover, Monika Tanner
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Personal background and early career

Monique began working as a professional model at the age of 16 posing for local advertisements in her hometown of Budapest and at various studios in Germany, where she lived for eight years. She eventually progressed to topless and finally nude modeling. During that time she had left high school and studied marketing.

By her own account, she started her career in the world of hardcore porn almost by accident. After arriving in Paris for what she believed was another series of routine modeling shoots, her agent there recommended her for a Private Media casting session where she met French hardcore director and actor, Pierre Woodman. "They offered me a lead role right away as they said I had star quality," she said. "I am the kind of person who tries everything once. Everyone was so kind to me. I thought that if this is the situation, why not try it?"

In 1995, Monique signed an exclusive four-year contract with Private Media Group. That year she did her first sex scene with Frank Versace on a boat in Sydney Harbour (it is featured on the compilation Private Video Magazine 21). In this and other early performances she appears with naturally small breasts and brown-blonde hair.

In 1999 she made her first movie for the Pirate label, Xtreme Desires. By this time she had gotten breast implants and her hair was a much lighter blonde.

With greater emphasis on her striking ethnic Hungarian features — smoldering Asiatic bedroom eyes and pencil-thin arched eyebrows — Monique began to adopt a much more haughty and domineering persona in her performances, and soon established a reputation as one of the kinkiest and most wildly adventurous girls on the Private roster.

Xtreme Desires also marked the first of her several collaborations with London-based hardcore fetish filmmaker, Tanya Hyde, including Tanya Hyde's Twisted Dreams (1999), Tanya Hyde's London Calling (2000), Hell, Whores and High Heels (2000) and Tanya Hyde's Rubberfuckers Rule (2001) — all produced as part of the Pirate Deluxe Video fetish series.

Erotic persona and style

In both her personal and professional life, Monique Covét is an outspoken and avid devotee of the BDSM and kink-fetish subculture. Monique is known for her kinky, polyamorous, pansexual tastes, which include men, women and transsexuals. She has also expressed a desire to shoot a lesbian scene with American porn starlet Jenna Jameson . She has said "I like the fetish films very much, because I am a deviant person and I like to play. I would also like to play a romantic movie, but it's not too easy to play like you're in love when you don't know the people."

Monique Covét's trademark is her sinfully seductive haute demimonde air of luxuriant hedonistic Euro-decadence. For an erotic actress she has a particularly impressive and commanding camera presence. She prefers to play dominant roles where she sexually overpowers her male and female partners and even brings a libertine post-feminist sensibility to her porn persona. "Just because men have penises this doesn't mean they are the superior sex", she has been quoted as saying.

As Monique's career escalated she soon gained more creative control over her projects as well as her choice of co-stars. She strives to appeal more to a feminine audience with her stylish appearance and coolly self-possessed personality, and insists on working only with muscular, good-looking actors and attractive women. She says "I make my films so it's not just a wham-bam experience, but aesthetically pleasing, interesting and erotic." Perhaps not surprisingly, she receives a considerable amount of fan mail from female admirers. One commentator has even given the name Covétistes to those who appreciate her unique and imaginative brand of hardcore eroticism.

In her movies for Pirate, she is typically dolled up in baroque dominatrix costumes with various BDSM and fetish accessories ready at hand. Her costumes have included black latex bondage hoods with matching latex opera gloves, buckled open-bust leather and PVC corsets , stiletto heels and gartered sheer and fishnet stockings , thigh-high leather boots, German military caps, as well as colored wigs and leather riding crops.

On camera, Monique Covét is an exuberant and voracious sexual performer who loves receiving vigorous anal and double penetrations as well as playing out various kinds of fetish and bondag scenarios in dark, well-appointed dungeons. Monique especially enjoys mounting her male partners from behind and penetrating them anally with large strap-on dildos . When questioned about her particular kink she memorably replied "If we women have to take it from behind, then why not a man?"

Later career and life after Private

After leaving Private in 2001, Monique retired for a year to devote herself to gymnastics, horses and obtaining a driver's license. In 2003 she signed a contract with Boss Films and appeared in her first movie for the company, Shining Sex, that same year.

Producers and directors who have worked with her all describe her as punctilious and a consummate professional. She has likewise been described as opinionated and demanding and has had some issues dealing with resentment and professional jealousy on the part of her co-stars. Most notably she has had something of a tiff with fellow Hungarian porn star Michelle Wild, who has accused her of being overbearing and difficult to work with.

Monique has also confessed to having had problems in the past separating her professional work from her personal sex life, but she has since learned to adequately compartmentalize the two. An intelligent and accomplished woman (despite the fact that it took her a year to learn how to drive), she holds a diploma in accounting, speaks four languages (Hungarian, English, French and German) and is reputed to be pursuing a long-term relationship in her personal life. Although she admits that finding a man who can accept her strong personality and open sexuality is "very, very hard".

By 2004 Monique Covét had effectively retired from adult movies. Compared with most hardcore actresses of her stature, hers is a relatively small body of work and to date she has only worked with European producers. Beginning with Xtreme Desires, her output (particularly her work with Tanya Hyde) tends to emphasize the cultivation of an original and imaginatively realized erotic style and persona over mere quantity for its own sake.

In recent years she has been active running her own hardcore production company, the Monique Covét Group, and hosting weekly live sex shows at the Clan Restaurant in Budapest. She continues to make numerous public appearances where she meets with her fans from all over Europe and has said that she may even perform in front of the camera again one day.


  • 1998 Pirate Girl of the Year Award
  • 2002 Venus Award for Best Eastern European Erotic Actress (shared with Rita Faltoyano)
  • 2004 Jury Actress Award at the Berlin Erotic Film Festival
  • 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brussels Erotic Film Festival

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