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Erika Bella

Birthdate : 23 august 1972 .
Birth location: Hungary
Measurements: 93-63-91
Height: 165 см


Erika Bella was born Erika Rakoscy in Hungary on 23 August 1972. “I first started modelling when a friend of mine introduced me to a photographer. I was in this club having a good time with my girlfriends and my friend introduced this guy with a ponytail. He explained he was a glamour photographer and soon seduced me into doing some pictures. At first they were just facial and very little nudity. But as the photo sessions got more and more intense, I was a little more adventurous and starting posing full nude. I enjoyed it, throwing my hair back and sticking my bum in the air. It's a great turn on to know that guys get off on the way I look.”

During the early 1990’s a number of Hungarian girls, such as Deborah Wells, Angelica Bella, Anita Blonde and Anita Dark, had all made the transition from nude modelling to hardcore pornography. Although their main reason was financial gain, they were also exhibitionists and sexually curious. Erika Bella was no different, and admitted that sex had always been an important part of her life. “I love sex. Ever since I discovered my pussy, I used to disappear into the bathroom when nobody is looking, then get a mirror and have a good look at my pussy, sometimes inserting a finger to find out what would happen. I got quite a thrill when I flooded with these strange feelings of excitement. Since then I used to masturbate quite a lot, then when I could rub my clitoris to get my orgasms, I used to get my sexual mate to do the same. I still masturbate quite often, about once a day.”

Much to her boyfriend’s displeasure, Erika appeared in her first adult film in 1994. She soon started working for Private and quickly established herself as one of the most popular porn stars in Europe. She had a voluptuous figure and clearly enjoyed her work. “I'm a great exhibitionist. I get very excited when I see men’s eyes looking at my butt or my breasts underneath my t-shirt. Sometimes when I'm in a restaurant or a coffee shop and I see a man I like I'll follow him into the bathroom when he gets up to piss. They're surprised to see me. I push them into the cubicle, lock the door, and suck their cocks like crazy! Most of the time they come in less than a minute and when I taste their hot come in my mouth I masturbate. I have some incredible orgasms like that. A year ago I was an angel, but now I'm a nymphomaniac! But when I make love to anyone, anywhere, I always use a condom. I'm afraid of AIDS.”

She soon acquired the reputation of being one of the most uninhibited girls working in the European porn industry, and would often have anal sex or take part in double penetrations. Nevertheless, she was always candid and professional about the issue. “With a woman, I don't do any anal in private, but with a man, if I’m really excited, then I like to have a finger in my ass first. I don't like a big dick in my ass. It really is quite painful for me. If it's a nice sized dick then it's not to bad. When I'm doing scenes with big dicks, I really have to get quite excited and just go for it… I do like it when there's more than one man touching me. The feel of several hands all over my body, grabbing my boobs and feeling my thighs and pussy is overwhelming. I think the most would be about 3 men, because then I can touch every one of them. I don’t like double-penetrations in private life, but I don't mind in scenes. I don't find it particularly sexy having my ass and pussy full of cock. I don't know which to concentrate on the most. The pain is coming from my arse and the pleasure from my pussy. Some girls love it, but I would rather have a cock in my hands, one in my mouth and the other in my pussy.”

Erika was also bisexual in her private life. “I like both. It depends on my mood at the time. Sex with a man is great, because of the power. I like to be dominated sometimes. Having a man’s powerful arms around me while fucking me hard and fast. With a girl, it's different. It's much more of a calm feminine type of feeling. It's difficult to explain, but when two women get together for sex, we take longer on foreplay, with slight and careful caressing… My favourite position is doggy! I just love it when a man wraps himself around me and enters me from behind. When I bend forward, I can control the tip of his penis against the inside of my pussy so I get a really good penetration. The other position I like is when I sit on the man facing him. So, I can control the thrust and movement and watch his face as he enjoys it. I love watching a man's face when he comes.”

By the end of 1995 she had left her boyfriend and started a relationship with someone that enjoyed her career as a porn star. “Now my man is an intelligent guy with a big heart and a big cock. We're very happy together and very often we watch some of my movies and make love at the same time. He never goes to the shoots but when I get home he likes me to tell him how the guys fucked me. Then he has to punish me by spanking my ass while he fucks my pussy.”

The low cost of filming and availability of locations in Hungary meant that Budapest soon became a focus of the European adult industry. Over the next couple of years she worked for VMD, Private and Colmax, as well as US companies Elegant Angel and Anabolic. She appeared in over 100 porn films and starred alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Laure Sainclair, Anita Blonde, Sylvia Saint, Anita Dark, Angelica Bella, Elodie Cherie and Veronica Bella.

According to Erika, her plan had always been “to stay in this business for another two or three years until I have enough money to buy a shop or restaurant, marry my boyfriend and have four kids!” . She currently lives in Budapest and continue her dancing career around Europe


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