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As the established First Lady of France, Carla Bruni may have hoped that her colourful past had began to fade away.
Multilingual: Ms Bruni, who was then 28, reads out some of the extracts from the book on the TV show

But that hope has been shattered by a recording that has emerged of her discussing sex in four different languages.

The 42-year-old former supermodel was said to be 'shocked and dismayed' after video producer Thomas Cazals added the conversation to a new 'tribute' on YouTube.

The clip was first aired on cult television show Eurotrash in 1996.

It shows Miss Bruni emptying her handbag and producing two 'hot international sex guides' in seven languages, of which she speaks four - German, Italian, Spanish and English.

She then says: 'We need this kind of book because we're travelling around the world and we're meeting new people every day and we must know what to tell them in case we get in bed with them.'

Miss Bruni adds: 'For example if you have a German person and you want to tell them, "You get me very hot", you say, "Sie erhalten mich sehr heiss".'

During the interview she also says 'Do you like my t***ies?' in the four languages before describing how to perform a sex act.

On the clip from the Channel 4 show, which was hosted by Antoine de Caunes and Jean-Paul Gaultier, she was described as 'Italy's most elegant export'.


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